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Wall Rebar

Why Cubicost TRB does not calculate lap for BRC or Steel Fabric by default?

Cubicost TRB is embedded with calculation rules that comply with Malaysia’s Standard Method of Mesurement Edition 2 (SMM2) which states that BRC or Steel Fabric measurement should not include lap. However, the real-world construction process may differ. Lap for BRC or Steel Fabric can still be set in calculation rule if required.

I have two identical floors, but the lower floor wall reinforcement bar quantity is much more than upper floor.

This is because the bar at lower floor will have bar lap extend up to upper floor, but upper floor will be taken as highest floor level which will only have bar bend at the top. The default value of bar lap and bar bend are different which will cause the quantity difference of two identical floors.

How do I change from U-Bar to bar bend for the reinforcement bar at the end of wall or T-joint?

The reinforcement bar setting can be modified in calculation rules of wall.
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