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Rebar Layout

I have measured Beam reinforcement bar in Rebar Layout but I can’t view reinforcement bar in 3D?

Rebar Layout is 2D measure directly from drawings. This will not generate the reinforcement bar in 3D.

Can I measure arched or curved beam with Rebar Layout?

Yes. In Rebar Layout, change “Top View” to “Side View” to measure the beam. The accuracy of quantity depends on the drawings.

Is there any function to copy identified reinforcement bar in Rebar Layout from one beam to another beam?

Yes. Exit Rebar Layout and use “Apply to Other Beam” function to apply same reinforcement bar data to other beams.

How to measure Beam Reinforcement Bar in Rebar Layout using PDF drawings?

For Raster PDF or scanned PDF drawings, you can use draw line function in Rebar Layout to draw according to the rebar line in the drawing and input rebar info.
For Vector PDF or CAD converted PDF drawings, you can use the usual “Identify Main Bar” or “Identify Links” function. Some rebar info may still require manual input.
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